In the fast-paced world of online gaming, security is paramount. UNO DIGITAL MEDIA B.V., the operator of, understands the importance of safeguarding its platform against criminal activities, fraud, and money laundering. In this article, we’ll explore how their extensive experience and comprehensive anti-fraud and anti-money laundering (AML) measures set them apart in the gaming industry.

Experience Matters

1.1. Extensive Expertise

UNO DIGITAL MEDIA B.V., hereinafter referred to as the “Company,” boasts a wealth of experience in protecting gaming businesses from criminal exploitation. They have also implemented rigorous AML processes, procedures, and comprehensive staff training programs.

1.2. Knowledge is Power

To reinforce their commitment to security, the Company’s director is well-versed in the Proceeds of Crime Act, taking responsibility for imparting AML knowledge to their team. Their experience extends to securing both remote and non-remote gaming businesses, positioning them as industry leaders in AML measures.

Anti-Money Laundering and Fraud Prevention

2.1. Battling Money Laundering

Gaming environments are prime targets for money launderers due to the swift transactions and various payment processing options. The Company’s proactive approach focuses on combating this threat and enhancing overall security.

2.2. Training for All

To tackle money laundering effectively, all staff members undergo training in identifying Money Laundering indicators, including but not limited to:

  • Unusual betting patterns
  • Suspicious deposit and withdrawal patterns (size and frequency)
  • Card data reliability
  • Customer verification and identity theft concerns
  • Account linkage and multiple accounting

2.4. Vigilance is Key

Any suspected Money Laundering attempts are reported to the Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO). These suspicions are not conveyed to the customer, and further actions await approval. The MLRO is responsible for submitting Suspicious Activity Reports and maintaining appropriate registers for all related reporting.

2.5. ‘Know Your Customer’ Policy

The Company implements a comprehensive ‘Know Your Customer’ policy, which not only addresses Money Laundering threats but also other fraud risks. Customers are informed at registration that the Company employs online verification tools and may request ID and address verification documents when necessary.

2.6. Strengthening Protections

Additional security measures include setting withdrawal thresholds and velocities, requiring checks and director approval for card withdrawals and bank transfers over 3000 EUR in a single transaction. The Company limits customers to three daily withdrawals and an overall maximum daily withdrawal of 9000 EUR.

2.7. Enhanced Due Diligence

Industry-accepted standards trigger Enhanced Due Diligence for withdrawals exceeding 3000 EUR in a single 24-hour period or 9000 EUR in a 90-day period. In these cases, simple online verification is not sufficient.

2.8. Eliminating Cash

The Company eliminates any cash element from its operations, mitigating risks associated with counterfeit money.

2.9. Transaction Monitoring

The Company employs systems to record all account transactions, subjecting them to regular and continuous checks for fraud and social responsibility indicators. Any unusual betting or winning patterns are cross-referenced with call history to prevent staff collusion with customers.

2.10. Identifying High-Risk Accounts

The Company maintains a register of high-risk or politically exposed customers, subjecting these accounts to enhanced scrutiny and frequent checks.

2.11. Ensuring Accountability

In cases of illegal or inappropriate staff behavior, investigatory and disciplinary procedures are followed as outlined in staff contracts, in compliance with employment law directives.

Security and Monitoring

3.1. Comprehensive Monitoring

In any gaming business, implementing robust monitoring procedures is essential. UNO DIGITAL MEDIA B.V. employs various measures to ensure security across premises, equipment, personnel, communications, and transactions.

3.2. Call Recording Technology

The Company has installed call recording technology, offering benefits such as staff training, ensuring accuracy of bets and transactions, protecting customer and brand reputation, and deterring collusion between staff and customers.

3.3. Data Security

Protecting data and securing software and hardware is a top priority. The Company adheres to an overarching policy of encrypting all possible data. Access to shared drives is restricted and monitored, and password protection is used where appropriate. Data storage and backup solutions are in place to safeguard customer data and prevent data loss.

Responsible Relationships with Customers and Businesses

4.1. Transparent Policies

The Company publishes its Terms and Conditions, along with KYC and AML policies on its website. These documents explicitly address fraudulent activity, match-fixing, and suspicious events. They outline actions taken in cases of suspected cheating and the extent to which the Company cooperates with regulators and sports governing bodies.

4.2. Confidential Investigations

In cases of suspected serious criminal activity, the Company and its staff ensure that those involved are not alerted to suspicions. Alternative approaches may be necessary, and the Company has appropriate staff training and escalation procedures in place.

4.3. Due Diligence

The Company maintains the propriety of its relationships with other businesses by following a standardized due diligence approach, often accompanied by Non-Disclosure Agreements. This approach includes default disclosure of ownership and management structures, company incorporation details, addresses, and contact information, with templated investigations and record-keeping.

In conclusion, UNO DIGITAL MEDIA B.V. sets the standard in AML policies and security measures within the online gaming industry. Their dedication to combatting criminal activities and maintaining transparent relationships with customers and partners ensures a safe and trustworthy gaming environment.